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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

The release of the next generation Open Source Network Monitoring Software is only weeks away with the release of op5 Monitor 5. Here you can download a Beta version of the sofware intended for testing och evaluation or try it at a live demo. op5 Monitor Beta, virtual image in ovf format Try op5 Monitor […]

I have an old iPod G3 player that I haven’t used for several years. The main reason is that it is full of Apple vendor lock-in "features". The most annoying issues are: Hard to manage without iTunes iTunes is crap Cannot play ogg and flac I just want to attach it and it should popup like […]


  I have read the book Asterisk now by Nir Simionovich, published in March 2008. The book was a big disappointment, the reason is that the book do not cover the software used in AsteriskNOW today. The book cover the Asterisk GUI but AsteriskNOW is using FreePBX instead which is totally different. One main reason to use AsteriskNow […]

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An email sent to op5-users from op5s CTO, Peter Östlin. –cut– Hi All, The op5 devel team has been kind of quiet on the list lately. The reason for this is that we have been working very hard to complete the next release of Merlin and Ninja. The result of this will be the release […]

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  Background I was with my geekfriends at a ski resort and I managed to get an Internet connection using a cellphone. Of course I wanted to share it with my friends. As geeks we brought a switch and a couple of ethernetcables.   Solution Using this script on a Ubuntu 9.10 I managed to share my connection: sudo […]

  Background At op5 we often run into BizTalk at customer sites as a business critical application. We have done an investigation and come up with a plugin  to monitor BizTalk. To fully understand this document BizTalk knowledge is necessary.

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