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-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

An howto that describe howto use irc as an alarm consol to nagios or op5 monitor

Background I have a FON router which allow anyone to connect to Intenet via my network connection. I like the openess and idea behind FON but I do not want to get in trouble if someone do bad things and using my network connection. One solution is to connect the FON accesspoint to a separate network segment and let all […]

Background It really annoyed me that the iowait at the cpu on the Dom 0 system was approximatly 50% when the 4 virtual system was doing more or less nothing. I showed my earlier blogpost about VM virtualization to our sysadmin at op5. He gave me a couple of more hints that really make a […]

Background As an it slave, I have the same problems as most datacenters: Running out of space because of more and more machines get into the datacenter Overheating Powerconsumption Added to the "normal" datacenter problems, I also have to deal with: Wife acceptance Noice, my neighbours has complained about the noice outside my basement. To […]

To be able to administrate my OpenWRT router from Internet I need to open the ssh port on the Wan interface.   It is real simple, just add to following to /etc/config/firewall: #open ssh on wan interface config rule                        option src              wan         option dest_port        22         option target           ACCEPT             option proto            tcp  And restart […]

  I’m the happay owner of a Huawei E1750 modem and it is real easy to get it running in Ubuntu. This guide will probably work with many other 3G USB modems. Just type from the command line: sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch Plug in the modem Go to the Network manager and enter your Mobile Broadband […]


  Background I was with my geekfriends at a ski resort and I managed to get an Internet connection using a cellphone. Of course I wanted to share it with my friends. As geeks we brought a switch and a couple of ethernetcables.   Solution Using this script on a Ubuntu 9.10 I managed to share my connection: sudo […]

My laptop and cellular phone has both Bluetooth and it has annoyed me for a while that I have not managed to get a working Internet connection using Bluetooth. I have only managed to get it working with a USB cable between my phone and laptop.   After some Google search and reading of man pages […]

Background I use MythTV quite frequently and noticed that it is instable when using sasc-ng as a decoder to decrypt encrypted DVB-T channels. So approximatly every third day the MythTVbackend server stops and need to be started again. I have wriiten an earlier article about howto monitor MythTV with Nagios or op5 Monitor so I […]


My firewall get alot of failed ssh logins. This is a typical log message in /var/log/authlog Feb  9 20:15:49 pedro sshd[30934]: Failed password for root from port 35603 ssh2 Feb  9 20:15:49 pedro sshd[2656]: Received disconnect from 11: Bye Bye Feb  9 20:15:51 pedro sshd[15299]: Failed password for root from port 35753 […]

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