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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

Background On my electricity meter I have a flashing LED. 1000 flashes is 1 watthour. As a monitor geek I want to know my powerconsumption and find a 1-wire kit containing a counter and a sensor that could detect the flashing from the electricity meter. I wrote a script that collect the data in an […]

Background It really annoyed me that the iowait at the cpu on the Dom 0 system was approximatly 50% when the 4 virtual system was doing more or less nothing. I showed my earlier blogpost about VM virtualization to our sysadmin at op5. He gave me a couple of more hints that really make a […]


Background It is very handy to have a temprobe attached to network devices like a Wlan router, if OpenWRT is installed it is easy to use 1-wire devices. By using this method it is possible to create wireless temperature probes that uses Wlan.  

Background When I was preparing a presentation about what op5 is doing and our contribution to the community, I went to ideas.nagios.org. When I browsed the list of the biggest issues with Nagios I found out that op5 has packaged and solved them all in op5 Monitor. I encourage everyone to take a peak at the list […]

    I have read the book "Cacti 0.8 Network Monitoring, Monitor your network with ease!" by Dinangkur Kundu and S.M.Ibrahim Lavlu. The book is 116 pages.   According to the book the target audience for this book is for anyone who wants to manage a network using Cacti. To read the book you do […]


At 4.30 CET I  lost my internet connection and 9.30 CET it was back. After that it was flapping up and down for a couple of hours. My ISP is Bredbandsbolaget and I continusly looked at their so called maintenance site. Not a word about the disturbance. It really annoys me that there was no information […]


It has been very interesting and two intensive days. The highlights IMHO: Tobias Oitiker gave a very good presentation about the linux kernel caching and described how it affected RRDtools. Markus Almroth, describes Sysnagios which did the opposite of most monitoring projects. Sysnagios decentralized the configuration of systems and network monitoring in a controlled way. […]

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There are several ways of monitor a wordpress blog by using Nagios or op5 Monitor. WordPress uses the following parts to work: Webserver frontend PHP scripts MySQL database backend At least one system to run it on I found one article describing howto monitor the Webserver and the MySQL database and even that a certain […]

This article describe howto get a 1-wire humidity probe to work with Nagios or op5 Monitor. In an earlier article I have described a 1-wire temperature plugin. Pre requriments To get it working you need: 1-wire humidity probe i.e. this, it is based on DS2438 & HIH-4000 A working owfs installation, instructions can be found […]


As everybody else I’m dreaming of getting rich. I live in Sweden, the country with the highest taxes in the world so getting rich by working is impossible. One way of getting rich is winning a lottery and probably the only social accepted way of getting rich in Sweden. One way of getting rich is […]

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