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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

It-Slav.net is proud to announce as one of the temperature providers to temperatur.nu It-slav.net provides temperature measurement for STHLM/Huddinge area in Sweden to the very popular site temperatur.nu The measurment is done by a 1-wire temperature probe DS18S20.


My firewall get alot of failed ssh logins. This is a typical log message in /var/log/authlog Feb  9 20:15:49 pedro sshd[30934]: Failed password for root from port 35603 ssh2 Feb  9 20:15:49 pedro sshd[2656]: Received disconnect from 11: Bye Bye Feb  9 20:15:51 pedro sshd[15299]: Failed password for root from port 35753 […]


Today I had to do some electrical work at home. The consequence was that my internet connection was down for about 20 minutes because my ADSL modem did not have any power. My Nagios based op5 Monitor system discovered this directly and reported to me. I forgot to schedule this as planed downtime so I […]


To verify that your site is available from many places around the world use http://just-ping.com/ This is how the test of pinging my host www.it-slav.net looks like: location result min. rrt avg. rrt max. rrt Santa Clara, U.S.A. Okay 190.9 192.3 193.8 Florida, U.S.A. Okay 162.3 163.3 164.6 New York, U.S.A. Okay 126.5 127.8 129.1 […]


I have noticed the last 2 days that I did not receive as many mails as I usually do. The whole family has been ill the last couple of days so I did not spend any time troubleshoot that. But today I noticed that I’ve only got 1 mail so something must be wrong. I […]


This is real fun. I found another It-Slav with a blog “En it-slav i samhällets tjänst“. He seems to been blogging since 2006 and likes food. Thanks once again for copying a winner. For reference see my other blog about Copy Cat.


Someone said that the best way to know that you are successful is when someone copy you. Now I found that a “new” doamin exist, it-slav.se. According to whois it was registred Jan 2007 domain: it-slav.se created: 2007-01-18 modified: 2008-06-17 expires: 2009-01-18 And it-slav.net Record created: 31 MAY 2000 Record last changed: 31 MAR 2008 […]

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