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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

Background On my electricity meter I have a flashing LED. 1000 flashes is 1 watthour. As a monitor geek I want to know my powerconsumption and find a 1-wire kit containing a counter and a sensor that could detect the flashing from the electricity meter. I wrote a script that collect the data in an […]

Background I have a FON router which allow anyone to connect to Intenet via my network connection. I like the openess and idea behind FON but I do not want to get in trouble if someone do bad things and using my network connection. One solution is to connect the FON accesspoint to a separate network segment and let all […]

Background As an it slave, I have the same problems as most datacenters: Running out of space because of more and more machines get into the datacenter Overheating Powerconsumption Added to the "normal" datacenter problems, I also have to deal with: Wife acceptance Noice, my neighbours has complained about the noice outside my basement. To […]


After a couple of weeks fiddeling I can prodly announce that my new internet connection is in full use. The new access speed is 100 Mbit/s optical fiber, iperf tests show that I can get approx 97 Mbit/s in booth directions. Changes: 100 Mbit/s internet access provided by Ownit Updated firewall to OpenBSD 5.0 running […]

My internet connection is a crappy ADSL line.   I noticed that I did get alot alerts from op5 Monitor complaining about high error rate on the external network. After some investigation I noticed that UDP port 5060 generated approx 1.5 Mbps in traffic and that is more or less maximum my ADSL connection can […]

After the problems I have had with Bredband2, I want to test Phonzo.se as a new VoIP provider. I registered on their homepage and after a couple of days I got a snail mail with my credentials. I configured my FreePBX and calling in worked directly, but not outgoing. After 2 hours of troubleshooting I started to google "phonzo asterisk" and […]


At 4.30 CET I  lost my internet connection and 9.30 CET it was back. After that it was flapping up and down for a couple of hours. My ISP is Bredbandsbolaget and I continusly looked at their so called maintenance site. Not a word about the disturbance. It really annoys me that there was no information […]

I have moved my blog from one system to another and at the same time upgrade to the latest and greatest WordPress version. Using the default link structure in WordPress gives links like: http://www.it-slav.net/blogs/?p=115 when a more logical link name is: http://www.it-slav.net/blogs/2008/11/17/op5-monitor-or-nagios-plugins-for-1-wire-temperature-measurement/ The more logical name gives date and title of the blog post instead […]

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