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Background On my electricity meter I have a flashing LED. 1000 flashes is 1 watthour. As a monitor geek I want to know my powerconsumption and find a 1-wire kit containing a counter and a sensor that could detect the flashing from the electricity meter. I wrote a script that collect the data in an […]


Background It is very handy to have a temprobe attached to network devices like a Wlan router, if OpenWRT is installed it is easy to use 1-wire devices. By using this method it is possible to create wireless temperature probes that uses Wlan.  

This article describe howto get a 1-wire humidity probe to work with Nagios or op5 Monitor. In an earlier article I have described a 1-wire temperature plugin. Pre requriments To get it working you need: 1-wire humidity probe i.e. this, it is based on DS2438 & HIH-4000 A working owfs installation, instructions can be found […]

It-Slav.net is proud to announce as one of the temperature providers to temperatur.nu It-slav.net provides temperature measurement for STHLM/Huddinge area in Sweden to the very popular site temperatur.nu The measurment is done by a 1-wire temperature probe DS18S20.

To get output to an LCD display 1-wire can be used. This article will describe how to that and include an example to get status from Nagios or op5 Monitor on the display. I use it to get a quick overview how my DataCenter is doing. When the LCD display is flashing something has either […]

After got the 1-wire stuff working it is time to use the temperature probes to get some use of measuring your environment. This article describe how you can create an op5 Monitor or Nagios plugin to monitor your temperatures. Read my previous articles to get the 1-wire bus up and running: 1-wire http://www.it-slav.net/blogs/?p=62 1-wire getting […]


After succefully get your 1-wire bus working with OWFS and been able to read the temperatures, it is time to create some nice graphs. The red line is the temperature and the blue is the sliding avarage temperature the last 24 hours. I’m using RRDTools to store the data and create the graphs. If you […]


To make my computer to be able to use the 1-wire protocol I’m using OWFS. The packages to get it running on CentOS5 or RHEL5 can be found here. It has several options and I like the client-server model mainly because it is easy to use the 1-wire stuff in perl in his case. To […]


It all started with that I wanted to keep track of the temperature in my DataCenter, called PDC (Peters DataCenter), in my basement. I have a couple of computers running 24×7 and if the doors are closed and the outdoor temperature is hot it can get very warm. I have an op5 Monitor system that […]

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