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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

Background I have a FON router which allow anyone to connect to Intenet via my network connection. I like the openess and idea behind FON but I do not want to get in trouble if someone do bad things and using my network connection. One solution is to connect the FON accesspoint to a separate network segment and let all […]

Background I wanted to use a 3G dongle with a twin SIM card as my Internet connection when I’m traveling. I have earlier decribed howto share the Internet connection and make it more flexible by using an OpenWRT router with USB interface as a bridge between Wlan and 3G/GPRS provided internet. Unfortunatly Tele2s support personel cannot keep track of […]

  Background After waiting for the Hummingbird release for the LaFonera 2.0G a long time and discussed with the Fon support team when 3G dongles will work, I gave up and installed OpenWRT on my LaFonera 2.0G router.   I’m sorry FON, you have a cool idea and nice routers but your unlogical approach to the users […]

After waiting for several weeks, my new phone, a HTC Desire has finally arrived. I have been a heavy cellphone user since started working as a Tivoli consultant in -98. I bought my first cellphone -94 and have had several so called smart phones both from Nokia and Ericsson.   For the first time I […]

Background I bought a Fonera 2.0g WLAN router and I wanted to extend the functionality to have the possibility to add packages from OpenWRT. I also wanted the possibility to manage my new router with ssh. The way to achive this is by installing developer firmware.


  When using a cool router software like OpenWRT it is a good idea to monitor the network usage. This article describe howto get SNMP on your OpenWRT based router.  

 Background I got an unused La Fonera router by a collegue. They can be bought from http://www.fon.com for approximately 40 Euro including freight. The purpose of the Fon community is to build a community of hotspots around the world so every owner of a La Fonera could use any other La Fonera router in the […]

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