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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

Background As a happy owner of a pebble watch I want my op5 Monitor notifications to it. This is a simple guide howto get notifications sent directly tt a pebble watch. My phone is an Android and probably there is similar ways of getting it working on iphone aswell. The guide will work on Nagios […]

Background It really annoyed me that the iowait at the cpu on the Dom 0 system was approximatly 50% when the 4 virtual system was doing more or less nothing. I showed my earlier blogpost about VM virtualization to our sysadmin at op5. He gave me a couple of more hints that really make a […]

Background As an it slave, I have the same problems as most datacenters: Running out of space because of more and more machines get into the datacenter Overheating Powerconsumption Added to the "normal" datacenter problems, I also have to deal with: Wife acceptance Noice, my neighbours has complained about the noice outside my basement. To […]


After a long wait CentOS 6 is here. Before installing, read the release notes

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  Background It is always a good idea to monitor the server hardware, in many cases the root cause of the probblem is hardware related like: a fan stops and the temperature gets to high, dust in the machine makes it to hot, disks that fails, memory corruption and so on.  This article will describe […]


I have noticed the last 2 days that I did not receive as many mails as I usually do. The whole family has been ill the last couple of days so I did not spend any time troubleshoot that. But today I noticed that I’ve only got 1 mail so something must be wrong. I […]

This guide describe howto install and do a basic configure of SNMP on a RedHat Enterprise Linux or CentOS. Probably it will work on many other *nix systems. 1. Installation Run command yum install net-snmp-utils [root@dull etc]# yum install net-snmp-utils Loading "fastestmirror" plugin Loading "dellsysidplugin" plugin … … Dependencies Resolved ============================================================================= Package Arch Version Repository […]

When I updated my CentOS system and could not mount XFS file system and my op5 Monitor did not react. I even run check_disk on these mount points but op5 Monitor did not tell me that anything was wrong. So when I managed to get the system to boot and my monitoring system tell me […]


Yesterday new CentOS kernels was released and could be updated with yum update. I did that on 3 systems and none of them worked afterwards. The first system is the machine that runs this blog. It runs Xen kernel with two virtual system.Luckily the webserver and database runs in Dom0. After update the system did […]

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