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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

Anyone producing documents should try LaTeX. It creates documents with a professional look and it forces the author to focus on the content instead of the look. A very good guide is Tobi Oetikers “The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2ε“, btw the same guy that has created RRDtools. Of course my CV is […]

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Press release: Open Source Management company op5 expands into Ireland – Partners with Irish enterprise IT solutions company SecureLinx Stockholm, the 18 December 2008 – Leading Open Source Management Company op5 partners with Irish enterprise IT solutions company SecureLinx. The new partnership is the latest move by op5 to expand its international channel business, which […]

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op5 are proud to announce that op5 have released op5 Logserver 3.3.0 This is a minor upgrade. Whats new? Summary Reports Bidirectional editing of filters Hierarchical filters Configurable deafult filter per user Bugfixes Read more about it in the release-notes and changelog

I have hinted about automysqlbackup in an earlier blog. Of course an important script like this should be monitored by Nagios or op5 Monitor. In my opinion the correct way of doing this is using a passive check that sends in the result of the backup into Nagios or op5 Monitor. The backup script is […]

A hint how to generate your own wordpress theme http://www.yvoschaap.com/wpthemegen/

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As everybody else I’m dreaming of getting rich. I live in Sweden, the country with the highest taxes in the world so getting rich by working is impossible. One way of getting rich is winning a lottery and probably the only social accepted way of getting rich in Sweden. One way of getting rich is […]

In some cases the "Normal" way of running checks does not work, passive checks might do the job. I have a script the runs every night that backup my MySQL database. If this script fails I would like op5 Monitor or Nagios to send a notification. An active check will not work in this case […]


To verify that your site is available from many places around the world use http://just-ping.com/ This is how the test of pinging my host www.it-slav.net looks like: location result min. rrt avg. rrt max. rrt Santa Clara, U.S.A. Okay 190.9 192.3 193.8 Florida, U.S.A. Okay 162.3 163.3 164.6 New York, U.S.A. Okay 126.5 127.8 129.1 […]


I got guitar Hero III as a birthday gift. To make it run I had to install XP SP3 on a Lenovo T60p. It was a long time since I used windows and I had some real problems just install it: Around 1½ hour just copy the files into the HD even if XP claimed […]

A hint for unix or linux gurus is to take a peak at Unix Guru Universe: http://www.ugu.com. I really like the UGU tip of the day with handy tips, howto, do not and so on… Subscribe today and learn more and more everyday

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