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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

Background As a computer geek and a sailor I want to have navigation system on-board. The obvious choice is OpenCPN which is an opensource navigation system. When it comes to hardware it is a little bit more tricky. A balance between money and what you get. I have for several years wanted a Panasonic Thoughbook […]

Background As an increasing number of system administrators turn to mobile devices to access information on server and network status, the number of mobile security attacks are drastically increasing. op5 addresses the issues by introducing a secure mobile app, offering IT staff a convenient and safe path to mobile server monitoring.   Accessing your Nagios-based […]

Background My latest gizmo in the basement is a Netgear ReadyNAS RN104. Of cource I want to monitor it so I can be sure that it is healthy. This article describe howto monitor the RN104 by using SNMP. The implementation monitors: Disk status/temperature CPU temperature Fan status/speed Network status Admin GUI status  

Background I wanted to have a LCD display on my desk showing the status of my monitor system. At the same time op5 created a competition with the coolest implementation of Raspberry PI and op5 Monitor. These things together made me getting started with my project. The result can be seen in this video  

Background My son got the amazing game Minecraft as a birthday present. Of course I think I should provide the service to him and his friends to have a couple of minecraftservers to be able to play together. Soon it became business critical and I started to think about how to monitor that the Minecraft […]

–cut– The Red Herring editorial team selected the 2012 Top 100 Europe. This exceptional group of companies are among the most innovative, unique and promising companies selected from a pool of hundreds from across Europe. The Top 100 were evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, technology innovation, quality of management, IP […]

An howto that describe howto use irc as an alarm consol to nagios or op5 monitor

Background It really annoyed me that the iowait at the cpu on the Dom 0 system was approximatly 50% when the 4 virtual system was doing more or less nothing. I showed my earlier blogpost about VM virtualization to our sysadmin at op5. He gave me a couple of more hints that really make a […]

Background As an it slave, I have the same problems as most datacenters: Running out of space because of more and more machines get into the datacenter Overheating Powerconsumption Added to the "normal" datacenter problems, I also have to deal with: Wife acceptance Noice, my neighbours has complained about the noice outside my basement. To […]


 News – Monitor v5.5 Monitor 5.5 –  It’s always extra fun when we do releases. News in short are: Support for offline maps – no need to have online gmap connection Introducing IP traffic “weathermaps” i.e. a user friendly way to present traffic flows, being WAN or LAN traffic Display monitor data on external web […]

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