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The tech team at op5 have published a number of new How-To articles on the op5 Support web. Here is a list of the most recent How-Tos:   Access op5 Monitor from your iPhone http://www.op5.com/how-to/access-op5-monitor-iphone/   Access op5 Monitor on Android Smartphone http://www.op5.com/how-to/access-op5-monitor-android-smartphone/   How-to monitor a KVM installation http://www.op5.com/how-to/how-to-monitor-kvm-installation/   Secure communication with Cloud […]

Background My old NAS built on top of CentOS has some performence issues and the disks are quit old now. The hardware is leftovers that is approx 8 years old and not highend at that time either. The disks age has worried my for a time and I would like to have higher redunduncy with […]

Monitor the cloud with nagios or op5 monitor.

Presenting collected Nagios data has been cumbersome. But now with op5 added funtionality, storing the data in a database makes it much easier. Morten Bekkelund has created a nice dashboard typically used in NOCs. The dashboard has been modified and improved by the community and an example can be seen at op5 sandbox dashboard and […]

Background When I was preparing a presentation about what op5 is doing and our contribution to the community, I went to ideas.nagios.org. When I browsed the list of the biggest issues with Nagios I found out that op5 has packaged and solved them all in op5 Monitor. I encourage everyone to take a peak at the list […]

  We would like to meet with you on an op5 Inspiration Day in September. It will be a day with topics like IT operations, cloud monitoring, virtualization, outsourcing and how to get control of everything in an easy way. The most important thing is to meet and listen to other users, hear about the […]

      op5 is the leading provider of monitoring software in Europe. op5 uses Open Source and their monitoring services are now available in the Cloud via City Cloud, a cloud computing service from City Network. By introducing monitoring in a new business model, customers are now able to get professional monitoring in the […]

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  I have registred me to attend the open Splunk event in Stockholm. Within 24 hours I got an email telling that they do not want competitors at the event and would like to discuss the purpose of me attending. I called the Splunk representative and told him that op5 thinks Splunk is a competitor in some cases […]

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The release of the next generation Open Source Network Monitoring Software is only weeks away with the release of op5 Monitor 5. Here you can download a Beta version of the sofware intended for testing och evaluation or try it at a live demo. op5 Monitor Beta, virtual image in ovf format Try op5 Monitor […]


An email sent to op5-users from op5s CTO, Peter Östlin. –cut– Hi All, The op5 devel team has been kind of quiet on the list lately. The reason for this is that we have been working very hard to complete the next release of Merlin and Ninja. The result of this will be the release […]

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