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Cut-n-paste from http://www.op5.org/about

We want to give something back to the community

We have built a successful business around several opensource components, such as Nagios, RRDTool, Cacti, syslog-ng, NSClient++, Linux and several hundred GNU programs and libraries.
A big thanks to all the hundreds of programmers for their efforts.
Now that we have addons around and on top of those projects, we feel it is only proper that we donate them back to the people whose very shoulders we stand on.

The code base for op5 Monitor reports and reports gui are free to download. Go to http://www.op5.org and follow the instructions.

3 Responses to “http://www.op5.org op5 addons to Nagios, free download”

  1. ken Says:

    I was excited when I saw your post about the ability to download the op5 addons for free. However when I go to the op5.org website I can’t seem to find it. Any advice as to the specific locations.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. peter Says:

    There are instructions on http://www.op5.org/contribute
    Right now the target group for this code is Nagios developers and advanced Nagios admins. We at op5 will make this code easier to download and install in the future.
    One way of try it today is to download op5 vmware image and test if the reports are worth the effort. https://shop.op5.com/op5-monitor-trial-virtual-appliance-p-1.html?osCsid=9avvogenfcpvq548jps8c3ib60

  3. Diego Denolf Says:


    This code requires some code from op5common (lib/xajax/xajax_core/xajax.inc.php ; /lib/common.php – maybe more)
    Since i cannot download this code, i cannot try this.


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