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I've already got a female to worry about. Her name is the Enterprise.
-- Kirk, "The Corbomite Maneuver", stardate 1514.0

I got guitar Hero III as a birthday gift. To make it run I had to install XP SP3 on a Lenovo T60p.

It was a long time since I used windows and I had some real problems just install it:

  • Around 1½ hour just copy the files into the HD even if XP claimed 33 minutes.
  • XP could not find my SATA controller
  • XP could not find my ethernet controller
  • XP could not find my Audio controller

To get the drivers install; it required several reboots, download from one machine and transfer with USB memory stick, different ways of installing every driver, sometimes click on setup, sometimes browse for drivers and so on… The network configuration is horrible.

After a couple of hours I manage to get it running and played the game for about 30 minutes and then the machine crashed and refused to boot. Even when I choosed windows crash mode start with low resolution.

The conclusion is Linux or BSD is MUCH simpler and faster to install.

I admit that I lack windows knowledge but I have used Windows alot except the last 2 years.

I think I will go for Frets on Fire on Ubuntu instead with my new nice Guitar.

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