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Part1 can be found here.


To configure the newly installed MythTV system run:


The settings will we be default if nothing else is mentioned.

1. General settings

In general settings change the Ip-adress from to the real ip-adress. This makes it possible for a frontend system on the network to communicate with with the backend.

Security PIN: 0000 (means no security)

TV format: choose the one you have, in my case PAL-BG

Channel frequency table: europe-west

2.Capture cards

This is were the TV card is configured. I did the mistake to use v4l Hauppgage PVR-350 driver which was the suggested driver. That did not work. Use MPEG Hauppgage PVR-350 driver instead where the builtin MPEG decoder will be used, thats why I could use such modest CPU PIII 800Mhz.

3. Video sources

When entering this menu, the mythtv system scans for grabbers. Unfortunately there is a timeout of 25 seconds and my hardware do not deliver the list of all grabbers in that time. The result is that no grabbers show up. The workaround is to move all the XMLTV grabbers to another directory except the one I will use:

cd /usr/bin
sudo mkdir tv_grabbackup/
sudo mv tv_grab_* tv_grabbackup/
sudo mv tv_grabbackup/tv_grab_se_swedb .

Name a new grabber i.e. Sweden and next.

Now the MythTV system appear to hang but with alt-tab you can change to a newly open terminal window.

Answer yes to all the channels you have.

In my case I found a list at http://www.comhem.se/ and it looked like this:

Fasta kanaler

SVT 1 Analog VHF 5
SVT 2 Analog VHF 7
TV4 Analog VHF 6
Lokalkanal VHF 9

Rörliga kanaler

TV3 VHF 11
Kanal 5 S 11
TV4 Sport S 17
Kanal 9 S 36
MTV S 16


Samtliga på FM-bandet mellan 87,0-108,0 MHz
Samt inom området förekommande närradio stationer

Extra kanaler

SVT24 VHF 10
SVT Barn&Kunskap S 13
TV8 K57
FTV S 12
TV4 Plus S 14
Upplåten kanal S 6

4. Input connections

Choose the correct input hardware to the grabber, in my case:

MPEG: /dev/video0 (Tuner1) -> Sweden

5. Channel editor

I managed to get my MythTV system to scan all the frequenses. The list created was not in the same format as the list from my Cable TV provider.

After analysing the list I figured out that the following channelnumbers matched the list above:

Kanal 5  SE11

Kanal 9  S36

MTV      SE16

TV4 Plus   SE14

TV4Sport  SE17

SVT1  E5

SVT2   E7

SVT 24   E10

SVT Kunskapskanalen/Barnkanalen   SE13

TV3   E11

TV4   E6

TV6   E8

Go in to every channel and enter the channelnumber.

6.Storage Directories

I did not change anything here

Wrap it up

After configured the mythtvbackend, run:

mythfilldatabase –manual

Answer default to all of the questions.

MySQL access from the frontend to the backend

The frontend must be able to access the MySQL running at the backend. To provide that run the following commands:

mysql -u root mythconverg
mysql> grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@”%” identified by “mythtv”;
mysql> flush privileges;

Note: This will let any machine have access to your MythTV database and should only be used in a controlled environment.

Congratulations, now you have configured your MythTV backend system.

Next step will be configure the Xbox frontend.

4 Responses to “New MythTV system part 2 backend configuration”

  1. coucouransise Says:

    Maaaan, you know there is such thing in the web like search engine, http://google.com if you don’t, go there to understand why this post is bullshit

  2. peter Says:

    Yes, I know about google 🙂
    That’s how I found most information and I collected the information I need to one place.
    If you do not like me blog, do not read it.


  3. Per Jørgensen Says:

    Hey der.
    Lækkert at se andre også bruger mythTV.
    Det er vel ikke sådanne så du har fundet en måde at køre en secondary Backend – således at MasterBackend er kørende konstant og kan vække slavebackend op – hvis der er brug for de tunerkort i den?

    Har kun kunne finde hvor der slukkes for hele systemet og Ikke for at have den kørende konstant!

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