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op5 AB is a world leading OSM – Open Source Management – company that delivers software based on open source for control of IT systems and networks. The award winning op5 Monitor is now released with important enhancements that will enable customers and other vendors to further improve usability and integration for optimized IT monitoring.


op5 Monitor is based on Nagios*, the industry standard for enterprise-class IT infrastructure monitoring. Until now, op5 Monitor has had to rely on the basics of standard Nagios Graphical User Interface (GUI) for presentation and overall user experience. With the release of op5 Monitor 4.2 we include a fully functional preview of a brand new GUI, now based on the Ninja Open Source project. The new GUI is based on a modern PHP architecture and is now shipped for real operation testing.


Usability, flexibility and visualization probably stands for more then 80% of overall customer value. Our solutions for full control of our customers IT systems hold a huge amount of both historical data and instant events. Making this information accessible and easy to understand for as many as possible is the single most effective value for our customers. And who is better to give us important feedback on GUI related features and functions then our customers? This is why we now choose to include an early version for test, evaluation and feedback purposes, all to secure the best for the coming official release of Monitor 5.0 later this year, says Jan Josephson, CEO op5 AB.


The new GUI with its flexible interface based on the PHP framework makes it much easier to provide customizations for customers specific needs. With the introduction of widget and support session based authentication it is now possible to fully personalize views and settings. The widget technology further provides a future standard way for two way synchronization and presentation of customer unique data and the presentation of it.


The ability to search, sort and filter vast data volumes has been greatly improved with pagination for views of hosts and services and the possibility to sort by column. The new improved search feature includes auto suggestion and let you search on hosts, services host groups and service groups.
These changes greatly improves the possibilities to answer to customer needs and to develop customized features that has not been possible until now due to the restrictions from the old GUI.
A new module for network visualization (the NagVis project) has been included in op5 Monitor 4.2. You can now visualize your infrastructure using three different map types;

  • Auto map, a auto drawn topology map using parent / child relationships.
  • Static Map makes it possible to put any object (host, service, host group or service group) on an image of choice.
  • Geo map, uses Google maps API, drawing a map by using addresses or gps coordinates on your monitored objects. Object and status information as well as links can be included in the map. The maps can be visualized as widgets on the tactical overview or be used on big monitors in operation centers.
  • Largest OSS-project in Network Monitoring, Nagios.


About op5 AB op5 AB is a world leading OSM – Open Source Management – company that delivers software based on open source for control of IT systems and networks. Its main products are op5 Monitor, op5 Statistics and op5 LogServer. The products are based on open source code that op5 further develops, packages, and sells as complete products and systems with services and support. p5 has a large selection of primarily European clients from different market segments for example AGA Linde Gas, The Swedish Customs Service (Tullverket) and other parastatals, several county councils, municipalities and municipal companies. op5 was founded in 2003. The company is based in Sweden with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.



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