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op5 Announces Global Partner TruePath Technologies, Inc. For U.S.


-August 5, 2009-Swedish OS Management IT monitoring software developer,
op5, announced today their partnership alliance with American company
TruePath Technologies, Inc. - one of the premier monitoring service
companies in the United States.

Stockholm, Sweden--In an announcement released earlier this month by the
world renowned Open Source Management monitoring software developer op5,
TruePath Technologies, Inc. has become a well received partner for op5's
ever expanding global markets. TruePath Technologies, Inc. (TruePath),
based in Rochester, New York, is a Network and Enterprise Monitoring
Service company. TruePath's specialty is identifying the best solutions
for business clients by installing, configuring and managing all aspects
of client enterprise monitoring. Now with the inclusion of op5's suite
of OS monitoring software, TruePath has a more complete package for its
Go-to-Market approach. 

TruePath Technologies, Inc., a Network and Enterprise Monitoring Service
company, has historically been a service company only. Tailoring to the
needs of its customers large and small, TruePath would guide them
through their monitoring needs without previously leading with any one
particular open source software. “op5 changed our way of thinking to
give the customer a choice that we feel is the leader in monitoring
software,” states Founder/Senior Engineer of TruePath Technologies,
Douglas Mauro. “Our customers value our opinion in giving them the best
services and products they desire along with a trusted relationship that
speaks above the rest.” TruePath felt it was time to answer the call
when asked for help with choosing the best monitoring software packages
with their high level of monitoring service. 

“ TruePath worked with us to develop a software package that gives us
additional visibility into our network. TruePath was, and continues to
be, a collaborative partner for Fibertech Networks. “ - J. Drew Mullin,
Director of Product Management & Development, Fibertech Networks 

TruePath originally reached out to op5 to help connect with clients for
op5's ever expanding geographic markets. "We are extremely pleased with
the partnership of TruePath Technologies. Many of our large European
based customers have operations in the U.S.; the partnership will enable
an enhanced service level to these U.S. corporations. Obviously the same
will apply for U.S. enterprises with operations in the European region,”
says Fredrik Åkerström, Director of Sales/Founder op5. TruePath's
Founder/Senior Engineer Douglas Mauro agrees, adding, ”From our first
discussions we could immediately see that our services were a perfect
fit leading to an inevitable extension of our combined visions.” With
op5 as a monitoring software partner, TruePath will enable the IT client
community to more proactively drive the optimization and reliability of
their business infrastructure. In addition to op5's suite of software
options, TruePath provides responsive support options including 'ease of
use' ticketing system; phone, network and e-mail in the U.S. Their
committed team of support specialists provides effective assistance
where round the clock monitoring of critical IT infrastructure is

" Performance management is becoming increasingly important for
enterprises as they seek to align their IT infrastructure with critical
business processes to become more competitive and responsive to changing
customer needs. " - IDC/Lucent Technologies, HP Networking White Paper 

op5, in conjunction with TruePath Technologies, provides an adaptable
monitoring program that empowers clients with the capability to diminish
the burden of IT infrastructure outages. 

Gartner has named Swedish Open Source Management company op5 as one of
six cool vendors in the global report "Cool Vendors in IT Operations
2008." Just a few examples from Gartner: 

* op5 Network Management Suite was developed to manage both easy and
complex heterogeneous IT-environments 

* op5's builds on different open source projects - all op5 products are
delivered to the customer with full access to the source code. This
provides additional flexibility for customers 

* op5's approach minimizes the risks associated with open source 

* Deployment of op5's products is fairly less demanding in terms of time
and resources 

With op5's Open Source monitoring software and TruePath Technologies
partnering services, clients will continue to gain valuable insight into
their IT infrastructure. By uncovering problems before they affect
critical business operations, companies can continue to concentrate on
their day to day operations without fearing the unknown. 

Douglas R. Mauro Founder / Senior Engineer
TruePath Technologies Inc.
Phone: 585.672.5481
Web: http://TruePathTechnologies.com/
Email: dmauro@TruePathTechnologies.com 

Other Emails:

TruePath Home-Page: http://www.truepathtechnologies.com/
op5 Home-Page: http://www.op5.com/
Brochure: http://www.truepathtechnologies.com/pdfs/TruePathTechnologies_Brochure.pdf 

Mailing Address: TruePath Technologies Inc. PO Box 263 Fairport, NY
14450 Tel: 585.672.5481 Fax: 585.672.5482 

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