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After the problems I have had with Bredband2, I want to test Phonzo.se as a new VoIP provider.

I registered on their homepage and after a couple of days I got a snail mail with my credentials.

I configured my FreePBX and calling in worked directly, but not outgoing. After 2 hours of troubleshooting I started to google "phonzo asterisk" and found several people that has the same experience. The reason is that Phonzo does not accepted "Asterisk PBX" as useragent and that is default in Asterisk.


After changing sip.conf



useragent=it-slav PBX


It worked!


I do not like unlogical stupidity so I sent an email to the support and the following bizare mail conversation occoured:

Me : Why do you try to block Asterisk? Changing useragent=garbage makes it work.
Phonzo: We do not try to block Asterisk in any way. Just change your useragent to something else, then it works.
Me: Why do I have to change it? It took me 2 hours to figure out.
Phonzo: You must change UA because our system do not accept "Asterisk PBX" as UA. This is something Phonzo always has had.
Me: Why did you introduce this limitation in the first place? When will you remove it?
Phonzo: The reason for this change is that the company evolve and new solutions has been implemented. If our customers finds it problematic that we do not accept UA to be "Asterisk PBX" we will remove it.
Me: The question is total opposite, you erlier claimed that is has NOT changed, instead it was introduced when Phonzo started.
Lets recap:
-You claim that UA "Asterisk PBX" is not allowed because that is something you introduced when Phonzo started, "why?" has not been answered.
-You claim that you do not block Asterisk because, if anyone asks, you tell them to change UA. No reason why this limitation was introduced at all. My conclusion is that you block Asterisk.
-You will remove it if it causes problems to your customers. I lost two hours and I find several other on internet that see this as problematic. Take it away.
Phonzo: It is not a problem to change UA it is very simple. Every other question has been answered.
Me: Now I have published this bizare conversation on my blog.
The question still remains:
Why do you not allow UA "Asterisk PBX"?

I will update this post when new info arrives.



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