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Every computer geek ends up with a bunch of disks with unknown status in the drawer. It can be rather cumbersome to put them in a machine and check the status especially if some are SATA and others are PATA, it gets even more complicated if they are mixed 3.5" and 2.5".

In situations like this I recommend a USB SATA/PATA interface i.e. Plexgear at Kjell&Company, the adapter looks like it is OEM:ed so there probably several with different brands.


  • USB-PATA 2.5"
  • USB-PATA 3.5"
  • Power Supply for normal devices and SATA devices

The only thing I miss is that it does not contain a SCSI interface aswell 🙂

I have used it to backup files on a LVM disk, transfer files from old disk to a new when upgrading, reinitialize a disk that refused to install Windows 7, attach a DVD-Rom to a blade server and so on.

In my opinion every geek and sysadmin should have one.


One Response to “Hint: USB PATA/SATA interface”

  1. Fazli Says:

    Cool… I have one too! Perfect for troubleshooting.

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