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News in op5 Monitor 5.3



  • Avail and SLA reports including performance graphs


op5 Monitor 5.3 introduce the possibility to include performance graphs in avail reports. This mean you can, for example, create a response time report and not only get the availability but a graphical representation of the actual response times. This will, for instance, help the user in capacity planing since the graphs may present trends that show when disks are full, response times exceed threshold etc.


  • Avail and SLA reports including summary report

The avail and SLA reports can now also include a Summary report. There are a number of different Summary reports available. For example, Top Alert Producers and Most Resent Alerts. This mean the report can display what service is causing the most alerts or at what time the respective services breached warning or critical thresholds hence providing a more fine grained view of the report period.


  • Automatic Network scan

The Configuration tool in op5 Monitor have for a long time had the ability to scan a network and discover hosts that are not monitored, This scan can now be scheduled to run each night. When the scan discovers one or more new hosts the user is notified and presented with a link leading to the configuration tool. This mean you can minimize the risk of forgetting to monitor hosts added to your network.


  • User interface performance improvements

A lot of effort have been put into improving the overall performance of the user interface. This involve indexes in the database as well as optimizing the database queries. Depending on the environment and what pages are used the user can expect an performance improvement of 50% overall and in some cases, host/service group pages in particular, several times more.


More Information about op5 Monitor 5.3


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