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It is very handy to have a temprobe attached to network devices like a Wlan router, if OpenWRT is installed it is easy to use 1-wire devices. By using this method it is possible to create wireless temperature probes that uses Wlan.



root@OpenWrt:~# opkg install owserver owfs         


root@OpenWrt:~# owserver -u -C --usb_regulartime -p 3001

root@OpenWrt:~# mkdir /mnt/1-wire         

root@OpenWrt:~# owfs -s localhost:3001 -m /mnt/1-wire

root@OpenWrt:/mnt/1-wire/10.87507C010800# ls /mnt/1-wire/
10.87507C010800  81.543A2A000000  alarm            bus.0            settings         simultaneous     statistics       structure        system           uncached

It works!         

To make sure that owserver starts when the router is rebooted, add to /etc/rc.local

/usr/bin/owserver -u -C --usb_regulartime -p 3001


My op5 Monitor/Nagios system is on the Wan side of the OpeWRT box so I need to open the firewall to port 3001.

Add to /etc/config/firewall

#1-wire ok on Wan
config rule
    option src        wan
    option dest_port    3001
    option target        ACCEPT
    option proto        tcp



To gather the data from 1-wire I use op5 Monitor and my Nagios plugin check_1-wiretemp, the result can be seen below



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