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 News – Monitor v5.5

Monitor 5.5 –  It’s always extra fun when we do releases. News in short are:

  • Support for offline maps – no need to have online gmap connection
  • Introducing IP traffic “weathermaps” i.e. a user friendly way to present traffic flows, being WAN or LAN traffic
  • Display monitor data on external web i.e visualise and distribute the information to greater crowd
  • Multiple of  time saving tasks such as multidelete, free text filter, save searches etc.


Having a modern easy to use proactive monitoring system is the core of assuring quality delivery of your enterprise applications to your user. However cool report and dashboards are great, if they require complex skills, many hours to set up and maintain –  the value is quickly gone.

With op5 Monitor v5.5 we introduce a number of features to make the information more presentable and understandable. We have made lots of new micro features to make the everyday change management easier and faster.

Major features in this release:   
•    Support for offline map
    ⁃    Now integrating the open streetmap (OSM) project, making the vizualisation of large networks easier and offline
    •    Support for IP traffic flow visualisation on maps or any background
    •    Publish op5 Monitor data / widget on external web service
    •    Multi tier host & service groups
    ⁃    A host or service group can now be part of another group creating a tree structure of dependencies.
    •    Multidelete – it’s always easy to add a new host or service to a system – now it´s easy to remove as well – saves lots of time!
Usability improvements:
    •    Saved searches
    •    Search on notes and comments and search in scheduling queue
    •    Free text filter
    •    Enhanced Alert history
    •    Authentication fallback

In total we have fixed and added more then 240 items in this release. Please let us know what you think – we focus on Your needs, just tell us!

Best regards
The op5 Team!


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